On Solitary Girl Blogging, Naomi Lane Uses Her Insanely Unfiltered Spontaneity to publish About Becoming Solitary

The Quick Version: Through her internet dating blog site, solitary lady Blogging, Naomi Lane offers readers an uncensored have a look at her intimate experiences in Los Angeles. She grew her audience in ’09 underneath the Twitter handle @singlegirlie, nowadays the blogger delights audience together crass sass and engaging storytelling. Single Girl Blogging delivers a thoroughly engaging peek to the brain of one woman as Naomi vents, boasts, daydreams, and speaks towards conquests and problems of internet dating. Wherever her romantic life requires this lady, she offers all delicious details with wit, humor, and sincerity.


Many singles on internet dating internet sites maintain an unspoken golden rule: dont answer everybody else whom delivers a message. Try to let silence end up being the someone to decline folks; or else you risk starting the floodgates of insane. Exactly how insane? Naomi Lane chose to uncover.

This audacious writer replied every information taken to the woman OkCupid profile inside the spring season of 2015.

She fearlessly moved where few single women dare commit: deep in to the heart of rejected dudes on the web. She stared their disappointed hopes within the eye â€” and lived to inform the story.

The woman generic “I’m not interested, but best of luck” message got numerous responses. One man thanked her for being upfront. Another guy cussed her out.

When she typed about her knowledge, she included excerpts with the convos so readers could proceed with the rollercoaster drive of indifferent, juvenile, and combative reactions. Eventually, the emotional toll was also great to sustain her for very long, plus the internet’s favorite single girlie returned to offering the silent treatment.

“we aren’t attempting to be impolite,” Naomi concludes about daters on the internet, “we’re simply wanting to be efficient also to protect ourselves from immature, unwarranted insults.”

With wry commentary and a stunning spontaneity, solitary woman Blogging traces Naomi’s idea experiments, poor times, hot milf hookups, and other dating exploits.

Naomi doesn’t filter the woman ideas on her weblog. Good, terrible, or unsightly, she provides the dirty details that are included with getting single. If she dates a douche, if she becomes put by a 23-year-old, if she simply would like to rant, she writes honestly about the woman deal with matchmaking.

“I’m not attempting to make it pretty or gloss across unsightly components,” she told all of us inside our interview together with her. “i must say i only place it all-out indeed there regarding the blog site. Its all genuine.”

A Writer in your mind, Naomi discovered an innovative Outlet Online

In 2009, Naomi was actually annoyed in the woman professional and sex life. The woman job had the woman spending boring several hours writing rigid business-related pieces, additionally the marketing and advertising vocabulary simply was not doing it for her. Also, she had been single in L.A., which intended she had been consistently accumulating insane stories as she dated around.

Her best friend suggested she look online to convey herself and inform tales as to what it’s want to be solitary.

Naomi was actually intrigued by the theory. She started small, creating a Twitter membership observe simply how much she had to state and whether it would resonate with a gathering.

It turned-out, she had a great deal to say, and people appreciated it. She had been soon publishing virtually every hour with little to no jokes like, “Cheetos and Cabernet because I’m a classy broad.”

According to the handle @singlegirlie, Naomi’s micro-blogging enterprise gained their a supportive utilizing, so she took the lady entertaining stories and candid viewpoints to solitary Girl Blogging. Today the woman market spans the planet (though concentrated typically in U.S.) as the woman forthright design links with singles.

“I just venture out there and state ‘This is really what i do believe, referring to my personal experience,'” Naomi revealed, “and it turns out a lot of people relate genuinely to that.”

The website’s Playful build Aims to Entertain, maybe not Preach

Like the lady or love the lady, Naomi certainly can make an impact along with her authorship design. Her dull, animated language makes for an amusing browse — that is certainly all she is opting for. She wants the woman weblog to captivate her audience with the sincere fact.

“I am not trying to end up being a matchmaking guru,” she informed all of us. “i simply need to show what actually undergoes the mind of an individual girl when she actually is matchmaking.”

And depict it, she does.

With classes like “In My exceptional Opinion” and “some thing is Wrong with Me,” Naomi doesn’t just take herself too really. She does not pretend to possess all of the answers.

Single lady Blogging is not meant to educate or advise audience. Naomi does not chat right down to folks from a soapbox but rather tries to take part in an unbarred dialogue of equals. She responds carefully to sincere remarks on the articles and greets differences in view.

Each provides his/her own way of being — Naomi just wants to extemporize on her own method and ideally give different singles certain laughs. If someone else finds out one thing from this, fantastic, but that is never ever her goal when she sits as a result of compose.

Single Girl Blogging’s biggest Hits: Preferred reports Amuse & Inspire

Over many years, Naomi has actually told many alarming and side-splitting stories about her matchmaking escapades. The blog’s best hits address common and original topics, such as “Bagels & Dicks” and “exactly why i ought tonot have children.”

She writes freely about foot fetishes, male erectile dysfunction, boytoys, also gorgeous subject areas, often associated your own anecdote.

“I FAVOR this web site. I am able to relate with almost anything that you post! This blog is starting to become among those we check everyday!” — Akire Rose, viewer of solitary woman Blogging

Single woman Blogging offers a wide extent of dating existence from uncomfortable book connections to declarations of single empowerment. Naomi’s audience follow the lady from misery to jubilation as she overcomes “doucheaholism” and becomes by herself a hunk for no-strings-attached intercourse.

Her web log’s most significant dating takeaway: Enjoy the relationship, the intrigue, plus the folly of dating, and remember you are perhaps not browsing like everyone else and never everyone is planning to like you. “that is not also a bad thing,” she stated. “We’ve all got views, and everybody’s looking something different.”

Relevant Her Dating Experiences With Cheeky Candor

From online dating profiles to male escorts, Single woman Blogging is actually rich with interesting content material. Naomi’s sassy, tell-it-like-it-is style instantly captures interest as she lusts after European dudes and annihilates creeps.

In a down-to-earth approach, Naomi talks to singles as though they’re the best of buddies at a sleepover, and Single Girl Blogging supplies a digital gab period about dating’s toe-curling times. She loves pressing the package and quite often defies stereotypes in her posts, such as the woman experiment to answer every message on a dating website.

Naomi stocks light-hearted jokes and relatable tales in a web log designed to celebrate the freedom, fun, and frivolity of singlehood.

“men and women constantly point out that they love that i am thus sincere,” she said. “i do believe which is a huge element of the reason why your blog is therefore successful.”


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