Dudes Reveal The Creepiest Methods Women Have Hit On It

Guys Reveal The Creepiest approaches women have actually Hit on it And Oh My personal God

In united states, cultural norms dictate more frequently than perhaps not, we are the people assigned with approaching the opposite sex to initiate love. There are exceptions, positive, but generally we choose who we want to approach, and women select which they wish to discuss their own time with.

Therefore particular sucks! Required testicle to address a random lady, and also the concern with acquiring refused is actually real. It’s so genuine, in reality, that numerous a guy has pondered aloud how much cash sweeter life would-be in the event the roles had been corrected. Imagine that, women striking on men! Would it without a doubt be utopia? When this AskReddit bond is any indicator, the answer is actually an emphatic no. Dudes provided the creepiest ways females have hit on them, and why don’t we only say the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other hand.


There is this lady whom sent myself a suicide note and said “I love you so much that I would die without you”. We have been talking for approximately 3 days now


I accustomed drive a limo (well, a sedan solution, it wasn’t a stretching). I found a wealthy, inebriated, middle-aged few, in addition to woman got her face up between the top seating and stared at me for a few minutes, after that she stated, “so, do you ever wanna f*ck tonight?”

I did not say any such thing, acting she wasn’t talking-to me, and I also found the woman husband’s eyes when you look at the mirror. He had been merely moving his vision and moving his head unfortunately. Once we reached their unique hotel, the bellmen must literally pull the woman out of the automobile.


Had a careless drunk cougar at some shithole diving in Western Virginia groped my personal rubbish when I moved last, after that said loudly .

Gotta be honest, I happened to ben’t also mad.


She penned smut poetry about having a three-way using my brother and me.

Next she read it to my personal entire senior high school during a college large poetry recital when you look at the auditorium.


Delivered myself photos of my self through my personal window from the woman parked automobile outside my apartment. The kicker was it ended up being from an unknown number as she was actually making use of an authorized gat chat roomsting app.

She believed she had been attractive, nevertheless creeped the holy hell from me.


I became at an unbarred mic there was an excess fat Jamaican girl double my age who performed a song aided by the chorus “there’s a thin line between taste and warm, and a dense range between LICKING AND F*CKING”. The tune lasted 6 mins together with whole time she had been looking me lifeless during the attention.


In secondary school there seemed to be this woman that used to crush on me hard. I had no attraction to this lady, therefore it ended up being mostly just this lady pestering myself constantly.

Well one-night, while I happened to be away with some buddies. She out of cash into my house and taped over numerous images of her face photoshopped for this lady and I also collectively around my personal walls.

She thought it was the cutest part of worldwide, but I disliked their from then on, and my moms and dads known as cops


Initially, she asked me to come over and sleep along with her. That has been not the scary part.

While I declined, she began explaining every one of the things she wanted to carry out with me. That can had not been the weird component.

After her 2nd failed attempt, she threatened to offer a bj to the basic guy she met if I failed to accept return home along with her. Which was unconventional, nonetheless it nonetheless wasn’t the scary part.

Ultimately, soon once I’d kept the celebration whereby this is all happening, I got a text message from an unidentified number. It listed my full name, my personal address, as well as the colour of car that We drove… and it ended up being followed immediately after that by another information, which study “See you soon.”

That has been the creepy part.

The laugh had been on her behalf, however, because I didn’t return home that night.


Woman in a bar put her fingers to my nostrils and questioned if I liked her scent.


I told this before, however when I was a bouncer at a plunge bar during a remarkably cold winter months, I had a female sit-in the booth nearest with the doorway where I’d getting, and fellate every fry of a complete big container of fries while wanting to keep my personal visual communication. I am talking about, i really could see some one undertaking that on a single or two fries, while trying to be hot. It’s somewhat unusual, but any. But she at down and fellated about a pound and a half of fries. Sucking and slurping every one, while looking right at me personally. She did not have the “coy glance” down anyway. This was an aggressive, very nearly aggressive sex work perpetrated on a potato straight at me. Also it continued for more than a half time. And I also was actually a captive audience, because I experienced as during the doorway, also it was actually like 8 levels outside.

Welp, that’s it, never ever dating once again. See the entire thread right here, should you dare.


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